Transformations! Many theories exists, many books were written, many opinions shared but little is shown from the practice! Author and transformation expert John P. Ballis is organising an online workshop at the institute for people who want to improve their skills in executing transformations.

MARIS is a very simple but powerful transformation methodology which sensei Ballis has been practicing for more than 30 years with sustained success.

Sensei Ballis is a samurai! His actions speak louder than his words. He has lead countless transformations at leading companies, lead thousands of Kaizen events and trained hundreds of master black belts.

In this session sensei Ballis will explain in simple terms how to create a journey to improve the organization’s people, performance, and process improvement daily.

“When organizations apply MARIS methodology, it will yield returns to them daily” — Norman Bodek, The Godfather of Lean.

Join sensei John Ballis in this short workshop and learn the tricks of the trade from a real master.

Here’s the link to register to the live session: