Our vision is to help you develop yourself to the fullest and to help you create an ideal organization to work for.


Our mission to develop people by providing access to the works of great minds and bringing together masters and peers to facilitate learning and discovery.

Dedicating ourselves to bigger goals

Industrial revolution enabled human kind to increase the welfare rapidly with the use of mass production techniques. The rapidly changing economy has forced us to optimise our production capabilities and with the help of ideas like JIT, Lean and Kaizen we were able to squeeze the last bit of productivity in our processes.

The 21st century however brought new challenges to our economic models. With the advancement of automation, communication and information technologies the world evolved in to the “knowledge economy” where we were started trading knowledge products (IP) across the globe, as production is no longer the biggest challenge but rather the creativity, innovation and design have become the focus of our businesses.

These features are attributed to humans only, hence these can not be automated or even optimised.

The institute dedicates itself to unlock the hidden potential in humans. We believe that the only way for our society to advance, is to develop leaders who will dedicate themselves to bigger goals than themselves.