I met Norman related to what he called Quick and Easy #Kaizen. I had learned this technique while on a 5-year expat assignment in Asia and knew Norman was the thought leader on this topic.

I still use this quote from Norman: “this is the most powerful tool I have ever seen”. I said in reply, “are you surprised it is not more widely adopted?”. Norman answered, “shocked every day”.

Norman saw all the tools from the leading practitioners and this was his thought on quick and easy kaizen. It is basically how you address the 8th waste in #lean and I think Norman is right on. Trust the guru!

Bob Kinney
Bob Kinney

Bob is a transformational leader and change agent who drives business expansion, builds high performance teams, achieves operational excellence and attains revenue growth. Bob has authored numerous handbooks and best practices, including – EZ Kaizen, Kaizen Handbook, JIDOKA Quality, Safety Fundamentals and Huddle Up. Taught these techniques to over 2,500 employees in Asian, Latin and Western cultures.